How To Launch A New Amazon Brand To $10,000 a Month In Revenue Without Doing Any Product Research, Manufacturer Sourcing, Or Launching Yourself
Here’s what you’ll get ...
  • Your own dedicated Account Manager that oversees the entire process for you.
  • ​A profitable product with data-driven growth potential. All of our products have a target of $10K in revenue a month based on an analysis of current market competition.
  • ​All the keyword research, competition analysis, and market positioning you’ll need to build a long-term sustainable business with your brand-new product and listing.
  • ​A negotiated deal with suppliers so you can get inventory at the lowest prices, making it easy to get your product in bulk at discounted rates.
  • ​Full branding for your product. It’s not just a generic listing with no personality - we tailor this to YOU so you can truly stand out from the competition and capture the attention of more customers.
  • ​​​Product photography to make the images on your listing compelling and attractive to your target audience.
  • ​All the setup, launch, and marketing you need to get sales right away and generate revenue quickly.
  • ​We’ll set up customer care email templates and run your customer care campaigns while we build your store and scale it to $10K monthly revenue.
  • Milestone calls to update you on progress and key decisions as well as show you what we’re doing so you can watch the process from start to finish and truly master it.
And once we generate $10,000 per month for your business we hand the reins over to YOU.

Instead of doing the hard, time-intensive work of setting up your brand and experimenting to get to 5-figure months, allow our operating team to take on the responsibility.

It’s easier to scale a business that has a great foundation and is already selling.

Brand Launch Service

Our Brand Launch Service is currently at full capacity

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